Baby Lead Weaning: Season 2 Episode 1


Thibault’s introduction to solid foods has gotten off to a great start. We wanted to wait to introduce solids until he was 6 months, but he was not having it. From about 5 months on he was getting frustrated at dinner time that he did not have any food to eat at the dinner table. It got to the point to where he was trying to grab food off our our spoon and plates, so we thought it was time to get things started. He started solids at 5 1/2 months and things have been going very well.

We wanted to try the Baby Led Weaning approach again. We did this with Flora after hearing good things from a friend of mine. I truly believe this is the healthiest way to introduce babies to solid foods. Flora is a well balanced and healthy eater. She’ll pretty much try anything, meal times are fun, we never had to spoon feed her, her diet is well-balanced, and traveling is easy. We were hoping Thibault could benefit in a similar way. So far—success! He LOVES food. Watching him eat is hilarious, especially at dinner time (his favorite meal of the day). Maybe it’s a guy things, but he just takes food and shoves it in his mouth, squishing food between his fingers by the fist full, and double fisting his food. He picks up his sippy cup and chugs it like a beer. It’s fantastic! We love this meal time entertainment.


Wheetabix breakfast

So for now, we’re happy with how he has begun the weaning process. I wish the process itself was less messy though. At the moment, he’s going through 2-3 changes of clothes per day, about 2 bibs per day, and our use of paper towels and laundry has increased ten fold! I remind myself how the beginning of BLW is slow. Lots of mess, preparing your own foods, finding good recipes, and laundry. But, the benefits will soon catch up and we’re hoping for another healthy and happy eater in this house.

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