Our Week in France- Fontenay Abbey


A day trip to Abbaye de Fontenay was a nice closing to our time in France. Warm weather, beautiful sunshine, a simple picnic, and plenty of fresh air. The Fontenay Abbey is a 12th century Cistercian Abbey and a Unesco World Heritage site.

The abbey is peaceful, meditative, and serene. It felt like the perfect way to end this trip. A nice slow down before heading back in the car and beginning the journey home. There were so many fun moments on this day. Here are a few that stuck out in my mind: Opa cuddling his grandkids on the picnic blanket during lunch; trying to to keep the children quiet inside the abbey; admiring the clean architecture; large, but simple, fountains; beautifully blue skies and warm sun; and by far my favorite– Opa leading his family in a 3-part round of a movement from Mahler’s First Symphony inside the abbey. Other visitors were so amused, they even joined in. It was a perfect meeting of like-minded choir nerds. Musically, I was quite impressed. 🙂



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