Walks with Thibault- Soaking up the sun


We are taking full advantage of every sunny moment we have with the kids. Trips to the our local playground, trips to big playgrounds & parks, playing in the garden, painting outside, etc. Whenever the sun is shining we are outside. The weather is changing and the warm days are becoming less and less. I feel like I’m clinging to summer!

Our town recently renovated our local “speeltuin”, which is just a five minute walk from our place. We’re so happy with the new changes. It really got a huge upgrade. It’s so nice to see more children and families visiting this spot. We’re so grateful that our children have a nice place to play in our neighbourhood.

Last weekend, Flora and Jaap hung around the speeltuin and Thibault took a nap on the road. I love our neighbourhood. I can leave our house and within five minutes, we’re walking amongst sheep in the meadow. I just love this peace and serenity in our backyard. And what is cuter than a sleeping baby?


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