Family Trip: Otranto


I’m really glad we ended up in Otranto. This was a recommended stop from a friend of mine. The weather was warm, dry, and sunny. We stayed in this incredible “agrotourismo” farm stay, close to the beach, Otranto, and Lecce. These views alone of crystal clear, turquoise water, and the calm sea made this trip worth it.


Flora discovered she loved mussels! She’s our adventurous shellfish eater. I’m so happy she is not a picky eater. It makes traveling so much easier for us, plus I really feel that she is experiencing one of the best parts of traveling—the delicious food! We were at the supermarket yesterday and they had pomegranates on sale. I asked her if she wanted me to buy some. She said, “No, Mom. I only like the ones in Italy.” Smart girl! Lots of things taste better in Italy!




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