Spring has sprung!



Our best toy purchase ever!

What a fantastic weekend. 20+ degree weather, sunshine, short sleeves, outdoor play. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Our weekend was off to a good start. The kids and I went to Gulpen Friday morning to pick a child safety harness that I purchased second hand from someone. We’re traveling to Ireland in three weeks and I having these visions of Thibault running away from us and jumping off the Cliffs of Moher. It probably sounds ridiculous and a little bit paranoid, but then I saw a toddler wearing one when Flora and I were in Amsterdam. I wanted to high five the mom. I just can’t keep up with T all the time. He gets away quickly and I need some more security with him at the airport and such. Well— turned out to be a nice little trip. Gulpen has a great bakery! Flora and I each had a Berliner bol and Thibault had this delicious homemade pretzel. We’re going back! I can’t stop thinking about the Berliner bol!

Thibault had a great week. He slept through the night several times! It was a miracle. The miracle has now ended. Back to waking up multiple times a night, but fingers crossed that he is trending in the right direction! I think the good weather and allowing us to play outside for pretty much three days straight also helped. The funny thing is— I was still tired! Probably because he was waking up between 5:00-5:45. Here you can see him playing with our aromatherapy diffuser at 5:30 a.m. He loves this, but loves destroying it most of all. My little man is active, active, active! Good for him. I’m seeing toddlerhood in another light this time around. He’s not afraid of anything, which makes me twice as afraid of everything! I love his adventurous spirit. Sometimes I just want to sit down and cuddle. Thankfully— Flora is still a big snuggler. Happy spring!

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