Mother Son Bonding


Thibault and I started taking Contakids together on Wednesday mornings. He loves it and I’m so happy him and I have this bonding time together. So much of his life is based around Flora’s activities, playdates, and interests. Flora and I took a dance class together when she was two and I wanted to carry this on again with Thibault. He absolutely loves it. Running around, jumping on Mom, riding me like a horse, dancing with scarves. He’s such a little monkey. It’s good fun for the both of us and the atmosphere is cute and cozy with all of the parents and kids eating fruit together afterwards.

I’ve been going to playgroup for three years straight now and I noticed last year that for some reason it was becoming a little stressful for me. I can’t say that Thibault particularly enjoyed what was happening there. He was always trying to get into things who couldn’t play with, run out of the building, or play with things that were dangerous. Meanwhile, socializing with other parents was my priority. So, to change things up a bit and have a healthy activity (that I don’t have to help out with) seemed like a good way to go. I’m still helping out with Playgroup a little bit and volunteering for the music class, which is important to me, but I’m happy to start something new with him.


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