Hoera! Thibault is 2


Dear Mr. T,

To my little man, no longer a baby, but a growing boy. Where has the time gone? How is possible you are two years old? How is it possible we have survived this level of sleep deprivation for two years?

To my Thibault— you are ball of energy always looking for an adventure. You are outgoing and friendly to everyone, you love physical activity, riding your balance bike, climbing stairs, running, and jumping. You crave being outdoors all the time and feel at ease in nature. You are a curious little man with no fear. The fun never stops with you. You are completely in love with your sister and it fills our hearts with joy.

We love you to bits and are excited to see what “2” brings you this year!

*****After writing this post I realized Flora’s 5th birthday post is still sitting in my draft folder. Ooops. That will come next!



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