Mindful Moments


The Holidays are here! Yikes! Sinterklaas is in one week, Thanksgiving flew by, what is happening to the time. Oh and Thibault had a horrible cold (which— knocking on wood here– we all seemed to fight off). Well into my 5th year of being a mother here, I have learned to keep my expectations for the holidays low. Pretty much anything that we do now, I approach it with low expectations. Even Jaap said it the other day, “Oh, it’s Thanksgiving, somebody in our house is sick.” Completely true. It’s like clockwork. Every year, somebody in our family is sick that week.


Through all the hustle and bustle of the holidays (which I completely love) I am to be mindful this year. I will be present. I will be grateful and most importantly show compassion for myself. It feels really good to type this out right now.

There have been some beautiful family moments here. I want to write this on this blog, to have them in my memory forever.

Walking to school a few weeks ago Flora says, “Wow, Mom. Look at the sky. It’s so big! It looks amazing.” Amen girlfriend. Her statement gave me goosebumps. The sun was rising and the sky was pink and purple. My little daughter stopped to recognise the beauty of this world. That same afternoon Flora was picking up, throwing the leaves, and running through it while we were leaving the school yard. Pure joy.

Sometimes on a Friday morning Thibault and I go for a walk after dropping Flora off from school. It reminds me of when he was a newborn. We walked everyday while I listened to a podcast. We stop and take a peak at the horses and also discovered two sheep. He loved it.

And last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Ann and Didier. It feels like a real home Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is such a hard week for me. I always feel homesick and sad because it’s such an important American tradition. But, I survived! I made it through the week. Only a few more days of Sinterklaas (another day I really hate— more about that in another post) and we are moving on to Christmas.

I am thankful for my health and my family. XOXO XOXO XOXO

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