Music for the Mind & Soul


Morning view of the Oude Gracht in Delft

A few weeks ago I was in Den Haag for a master class weekend with the course I’m taking at the Conservatorium. Talk about stimulating. I haven’t been pushed that hard (in a musical way) since undergrad at Ithaca. It was such a stimulating and challenging weekend. I felt so invigorated, humbled, and inspired. The course had two visiting professors from the Kodaly Institute in Hungary presenting musicianship, rehearsal techniques, and choral workshop classes over the two days. It was eye opening.

Their level of musicianship blew my mind and what they expected from us as music teacher also blew me away. Ha! Sometimes we were all just laughing because it was extremely challenging. But, it felt great! I loved it. One of the afternoon workshops was entirely about creative choral rehearsal techniques. I had never seen anything like it before.

I feel so fortunate to be on this journey. Jaap holding down the fort while I’m away singing all day with other nerds. It’s just fantastic. Thanks babe!


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