More Slovenian Fun


Public water fountain in Ljubljana

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. We spent a few hours in Ljubljana and they needed to cool off somehow. How cute is this.


I also love this one of Jaap and Thibault during our afternoon stroll. We had this incredible lunch at a delicious pizzeria next to the river and did a short walk through the city to catch out the dragon bridge and the open air market. We ended with some good ice cream and some cute souvenirs for the kids. I’m so happy we limited ourselves to only a few hours in the city. Slovenia has so much more to offer out in nature and we could really feel the heat in the city on this day. Still, it was worth the stop in between the farm stay and our apartment near Lake Bled.

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Another great in between spot was our trip to the Postojna Caves en route to our house in Croatia. Who knew the largest cave system in Europe was in Slovenia?! I was blown away by this place. We took a 10 minute train ride into the caves, did a 45 minute walk with a tour guide who is also a biologist and does research in the caves, followed by another 10 minute train ride out again.


The kids loved the train ride. Us too. But Jaap and I really were fascinated by the caves. It was a unique experience and I’m happy we took the time (and money) to stop here.

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Just a few kilometers away was the Predjama Castle. We didn’t take an inside tour, but just having an iced coffee and some ice cream out here was worth the stop. It was not as busy as I thought it was going to be and the views were pretty great.



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