Beekse Bergen Safari Resort Stay

I’m writing this at the beginning of our coronavirus social distancing period. It’s still too raw for me right now to write about that. The last few days have been very emotional. For now, I am trying to think about things that I’m grateful for. This trip to the Beekse Bergen Safari Resort and Park was definitely one of them

Carnival season puts me on edge a little bit. I used to love it, but after having kids the whole experience really changed for me. Jaap and I agreed that we will do something really fun as a family together that week. It was only a two night stay, but it was fantastic. We went to Safari Resort Park at the Beekse Bergen near Tilburg. The kids didn’t want to leave. I loved it, Jaap loved it, the weather was absolutely horrible, but we had a great time.

This is how happy they get when we see we have a place with bunk beds. The accommodations were excellent. Super clean, comfortable, and the greatest part….we had a sauna in the bathroom. This place totally knows what parents needs when traveling with kids. Jaap and I would have a two round sauna circuit going in the evening after the kids went to sleep. 15 minutes in the sauna, some beer, and cold fresh air. It was incredible and a great way for us to connect. No phones, no T.V., just some old fashioned talk in the sauna.

We were able to see the lions being fed one of the mornings. I love this action shop that Jaap captured. The accommodations were so unique. This lion area was surrounded by Savannah lodges. We walked here in five minutes and at night you could hear the lions roaring and communicating with each other. I loved the African safari theme and our Savannah house was quite large.Some other things we did to occupy our time: We took a safari Game Drive in the pouring rain. Thibault fell asleep, but we got to see some great rhino action.

img_5730img_5717The auto safari was actually my favorite part. We saw a ton of animals up close. Some leopards, zebras, and camels walking right past our car.

They had an indoor swimming pool area, a small indoor playground, and a bowling alley. We took advantage of all three. Overall, it was a great experience. Flora was already asking when we could go back when we were leaving. I love making these memories with them.

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