Holiday Lights

A few weeks ago we went for an evening family walk with one of Flora’s friends. Maastricht has this beautiful light trail that winds through the city centre during the holidays and I have always wanted to walk it, but you know when you have little ones getting out of the house on a Saturday evening can be tricky. It seems that 2020 is the perfect year for us to do this.

It felt like a big night out for us. Simple things like walking around the city at night are super fun now during pandemic times. We did a decent route through the city and stopped near the Vrijthof, ordered some pizza & pasta takeout, and had an outdoor dinner at Amersplein. The kids had a great time. It was beautiful and the city felt quite empty. It was a fun time, but I really miss normal life. It seems I am in an okay place right now. Last month was difficult with Thibault starting school, but we made it through Thanksgiving and Sint (another post coming) and I am feeling okay. I just miss my parents, family, and friends more than I could have ever imagined. The hardest part is not knowing when this chapter will close. With that said, Sint has now returned to Spain, our tree is up, and we are gearing up for a relaxing Christmas.

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