Christmas 2020

Our first (and hopefully last) lockdown Christmas. My kids look so grown up when I see this photo. Thankfully we could visit Jaap’s family is small bits. I always love Christmas with the Jansens. No drama, just Christmas. We had a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner, just the four of us. I absolutely loved it. The children sat through a three course, homemade dinner with my holiday stuffed mushrooms, gulash from the slow cooker, and Spanish flan (Flora’s request). It was just a magical evening. Luckily, Santa paid us a visit. Nobody was too anxious or overly excited. Kids were thrilled with his gifts. My mom sent us a lot of presents and it really brightened the morning. I gave Jaap some tips for next Christmas. No more cookbooks. I will leave it at that.

I love these beautiful Christmases with Jaap’s parents. We missed the annual walk to the nativity scenes in Oirschot, but the Chirstmas sing along at the piano was a highlight for me. Meanwhile, I have been completely engrossed in Group by Christie Tate. What a fantastic memoir. I couldn’t put this book down. The second Christmas in a row where I had a book that completed captivated me. It felt warm and fuzzy. Merry Christmas.

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