Thibault the philosopher & deep thoughts

Possibly my favorite view in the kitchen. I was happy for Jaap that he perfected the art of spaetzle making during this pandemic. Seemed like an interesting skill to grow during this time. Then I became jealous. I was wondering. What was my coronavirus accomplishment? My friend Cyrille reminded me that I perfected my at home coffee experience. True. What a beautiful journey. From the French press and cold milk to my Bialetti moka pot and illy milk frother. I love these products. And newly introduced…my 10 euros coffee bean grinder from Lidl. It has brought my coffee to a whole new level. Thibault helps me grind the beans every couple of days. It has become a fun ritual we do together.

Our little man Thibault has become quite the philosopher. He comes up with the most precious questions for us. It’s so beautiful to hear these questions. The last several weeks he has had some interesting ones.

Why is a mermaid a mermaid? A princess a princess?

Why do we live on Earth? How come we don’t live on the moon?

Why am I Thibault? Why is Flora, Flora? Why are you Mama?

Why does the snow melt? Why is it cold?

There are so many that I am forgetting now. If more come up, I will come back here and write them. These are such amazing questions from him and I see how much is mind is working now. He takes after his sister in many ways. His drawings are stunning. It’s beautiful what children can create on their own. Despite the lockdown there have been some lovely moments recently.

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