Big emotions

I felt like we were cruising along (pandemic style) and life was okay. Nothing too major was happening, nothing too challenging other than ordinary pandemic living. We went to Oirschot for Jan’s birthday. Unable to celebrate with the entire family, but it was still lovely. Then the following week I’m hit with big emotions. I take Thibault to the dentist knowing that in the near future he needed an operation, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen the following week. Flora had a rough day at school with a girl who says mean things. We spoke with the Juf who explained the situation and helped out. Then Jaap’s aunt passes away suddenly. It was just an insane week. Lots of emotions, lots of tough moments. Thankfully I have Jaap here. Now celebrating our one year of pandemic living together. We’re gearing up for spring time. Make some Easter brunch plans, booking our mei vakantie, planning for (hopefully!!!!) a trip to Italy. It feels hopeful, but very slow. Giving myself big hugs, lots of relaxed time for reading, not checking Facebook anymore, and hopefully longer meditations.

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