Waiting for spring

Spring has been a long time coming. Snow in april and still chilly weather. We have had some beautiful sun shining days though. I’m looking forward to a much deserved two week vacation coming up though! We will be camping with friends for three nights in Brabant and then headed to the sea for another three nights in Zeeland. It will be my first time visiting the province. I’m looking forward to some fresh sea air.

There is not much new to report. I was feeling a little bit better in spirits. Trying to incorporate my meditations into daily live. Trying not to think or narrate too far into the future and not get lost in my thoughts. This week was especially challenging though. Two of our classes had to go into quarantine because of students having covid. It was just a weekend of uncertainty followed by a stressful Monday, more tech failures, frustrating meetings, and miscommunications at work. It was a lot to take in. Plus, I’m feeling less and less enthusiastic about the student teacher I am currently working with. It’s the longest internship I have ever had and I have reached my limits. Luckily, the end is in site and I can start a countdown to the finish.

I am forever grateful that I have a loving husband and two happy children. For the sunshine this weekend. Outdoor workouts and trainings by the river. Long walks in Cadier. Biking to work tomorrow! Starting a new great show with Jaap. My Friday evening happy hour in the kitchen. Great books and coffee.

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