Italian Summer: A wedding in Tuscany

Farm stay in Cortona

Our Italian holiday was incredible. They say Paris is always a good idea, but I believe the same is true for Italy. The entire place just oozes of happiness. We stayed at some pretty magical places. This farm stay in Cortona was gorgeous. Our quick stop for lunch in Switzerland could not have been more picturesque. The wedding was magical. My friend Elaine was so brave to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Her courage and hopefulness inspired me. I’m so happy the children got to go to a wedding and experience how much fun it could be. I was floating on a wedding high for three days afterwards!

My children loved Italy. The weather was too hot to do anything and I loved it. Watching Flora read books poolside is a dream come true. Thibault learning how to become more comfortable in the water, trying new foods, and loving the language. It was such a magical time our first few nights in Cortona.

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