Our good life on Lago di Garda & Pistoia

My favorite beach: Baia del Vento

They say Paris is always a good idea. Italy is always a good idea, 100%! I always struggle with— is it too touristy, too crowded, too hot? The answer: No! I love to do, see, and visit on vacations. I see that my family is less in that mode. So when it’s too hot to do anything, but swim at the pool, go to a beach, stop for a cool drink somewhere, well that’s just perfect.

I completely understand why Lago di Garda can be busy in the summer. The temperatures are hot, you’re near the mountains, the lake is warm enough to swim in. It’s a perfect storm. Moniga del Garda was a good fit for us. I think if we had gone any further south, it would have been too busy. Dining al fresco options, beautiful lake views from the apartment, pristine pool, and close to some beautiful beaches.

Some of the highlights for me were the physical activities. Flora absolutely loved the rope course and climbing. She wanted to go higher, higher, higher. It was only because of the height restrictions — she had to stop. One day at Baia del Vento, we rented a paddle boat complete with slide. It was fantastic! Amazing mountain views, Thibault having no fear swimming with his arm baandjes, and perfect temps. It was really magical for me.

I can’t forget Pistoia. We stayed at a very rustic B&B right outside of hot Pistoia. We went to Pisa one day, saw the tower. It was more beautiful than we imagined. Had some relaxing days by the pool and beautiful cool evenings exploring Lucca by night. We biked on top of the city walls one night, dined al fresco both nights, and enjoyed Luchese cuisine! I just love Italy. Forever grateful for this beautiful holiday.

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