Our Covid Christmas

Well, it finally happened. Our Christmas trip to New York turned into a great (but very anxious), fun ten days, followed by ten days of quarantine (and stress!) and a flight home. It was so weird, but I do not regret the trip. I realized how essential it was for me to travel to my home country, see my family, my extended family, friends, and speak my language in my country. It just filled my soul up. It felt so good. I will never forget sitting in Vivian’s kitchen, drinking coffee with her, and chatting. It just felt so good.

I feel so much better now that I am no longer running from Covid. I feel sometimes that I should be more cautious, but it feels so good to having already had it and see how my body reacted. I will post more pictures from our trip (for the memories) on my next post. For now, some great family highlights.

  • The views ice skating at Central Park. Flora being so excited to ice skate and me realizing that—I really can’t do this again unless I have had lessons.
  • Family time in Queens. The kids feeling completely at home there.
  • Seeing Lee, hugging each other and saying we love each other.
  • Our three days in NYC– Botanical Gardens, ice skating in Central Park, the tree!!! at night, the lights on 5th Avenue, eating hot nuts on the street, Thibault enjoying the bagel in queens
  • Bryant Park’s Winter village dinner outside next to the rink
  • Roosevelt Island! It felt amazing to return there. The tram ride, sushi at Fuji East. Seeing the lights of Manhattan at night from over the river. Watching how much the kids loved the tram ride. It really felt like life came full circle.
  • Time with my parents: Mills Mansion, dinner at Fosters!, walking around Rhinebeck,
  • Surviving Covid
  • My parents. They saved us. Took care of us, risked their own health and safety. They are amazing and special people.

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