Feeling Good

It’s been a feel good time for me lately. I spent the second half of Carnival break (two nights) in Amsterdam. One with Erika and the first night alone. I feel like Amsterdam always rejuvenates me. We walked into this beautiful little courtyard Begijnhof in the center. It was an oasis right in the middle of the city. Drank pisco sours outside on a chilly terras and enjoyed the views of happy Amsterdam life on the canal. It was heavenly. I ventured to the Stedelijk museum the next day for a quick peak at one exhibit. Art imitating current life with war in Ukraine.

The kids had a studie dag last week and we went to the Efteling. It was perfect weather and hardly any crowds. My kids are so brave. Python and Baron roller coasters for this bunch. I didn’t have the guts at that age. They really impress me. I was mostly impressed by Fata Morgana. It just gives me that cozy Disney feeling.

Meanwhile, my exercise and eating has gotten better. Working out four days a week (for almost a month) and I’m down to 68,5 kilos again. It feels great to be in control of my health again. I want to keep it going. Good books, good hockey games, lots of sunshine, and happy family times this March.

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