Thibault’s 1st Birthday!


It’s taken me a month to write this post. How awful! My little man Thibault turned 1 last month! I cannot believe he is already a year old (and now almost 13 months). I’m not sure how it’s possible for something to seem like the longest year of your life and at the same time the shortest. Either way—my little man is growing up!


Celebrations at the creche

To Mr. T, if you read this when you are older—life with you is always an adventure! You’re curious, active, and completely in love with your sister. You love to make music, play with anything but your toys, and you rarely sit still. You have a curious spirit and I have a feeling that when you grow up, you will try anything! You’re happy, loud, and outgoing. We love you to pieces and are so blessed to have you. XOXO


11 months old!


This gorgeous little man is 11 months old. I can’t believe it. I cannot believe that we have almost reached the one year mark. Time is moving fast and Thibault is moving fast too! Crawling up on his knees now, says Mama and sometimes a semblance of Papa, happy eater, loves the outdoors and being in nature, does not enjoy playing with toys (only household objects), loves his new swing in the backyard, and completely adores his sister. Don’t grow too fast my little man. We’re enjoying these little cuddles while they last. XOXO

8 months old!

IMG_4139Happy 8 month birthday Thibault! You’re a happy, healthy, and active little baby! What have you been up to lately? Well, 4 teeth now (5th one busting through!), rolling all over the place, and the thing you love most is interacting with your big sister. She enters a room and you smile. As the mother, it’s the best thing to observe.


A lot has happened this past month. Your intake of solid foods with Baby Led Weaning has really taken off. You LOVE dinner time. I’ll have to write a post about this another time. We laugh at how much you love your shoving food in your mouth and taking huge gulps from your sippy cup. It’s hilarious.

You continue to roll all around and I see that the beginning stages of crawling will be coming soon. You’ve learned to roll over at night and sleep on your tummy, which has made me nervous at first, but if it helps you sleep, we’re happy! You’ve had your first few sick days, which turned out to be contagious and infected half of the household. You’re a fun little guy who likes to be heard!

Summertime is here and after Thursday I’ll officially be on summer break! Woo hoo! We’re gearing up for a summer mostly at home. The idea scares the crap out of me, but we’re doing it! Lots of trips to local playground, like this one below, some birthday parties, a few nights with the in-laws in France, and hopefully some great last minute trips around Benelux! Happy summer!

5 Months and Growing!


I cannot believe how much has happened to Thibault in the last couple of weeks. Five months has seen lots of changes for him. He’s actually ten days shy of turning six months! I can’t believe that we have almost reached the half year mark. IMG_3109 Let’s review all the things that have happened. My parents came for their first visit and Thibault got to meet the other set of grandparents. My mother is here for the next two months. I’m so happy and grateful we have all of this family time together. My sister and kids came for a visit last week and he got to meet the other cousins. It was most exciting for Flora though.

Two teeth have busted through! I am impressed how well he has handled this!


Thibault started trying solid foods for the first time. I really wanted to wait until he was six months, like we did with Flora. I assumed it would be easy because even at six months Flora had no interest in solid foods and didn’t actually start until seven months. And we really wanted to repeat the Baby Led Weaning process because it was so successful with Flora. She is such a good, well-balanced eater and I wanted to take this approach again. Well, Mr. T has been trying to grab the food off our our plates for a few weeks now and he was becoming more and more agitated at dinner when we weren’t giving him real food. So, we thought we could start the process a tiny bit early. It’s starting slow and some nights, we don’t even do it, but overall he seems to be enjoying his first taste of vegetables.


And to top off the big month of milestones, he started rolling over this week. While laying on his activity mat this afternoon, he rolled over onto his tummy. Every time we put him down, he rolled himself back up. It’s been an exciting month of our little man.