Baking with Flora

It’s been a beautifully sunny weekend. Flora and I tested out my new baking cookbook. The perfect gift from my husband for Mother’s Day. It’s probably a good idea to start testing out more natural and healthy baking options considering we are making ice cream and baking 1-2X per week! These are things that bring us joy!

What a beautiful cookbook. Homemade blueberry galette and vanilla custard ice cream on the side. It was a treat. Plus my in-laws came for a visit. The first time we have seen them since early March. Flora cried when she wasn’t sure she would be able to hug Opa and Oma. I love how in touch she is with her emotions. I love that she just puts it out there and isn’t afraid to let go and release those feelings. I hope she stays like that forever.

BBQ, sunshine, playing in the backyard, bike rides in the countryside and ice cream at our local restaurant. These are moments that are bringing me joy…clouded by what is happening in America. To see people dying at the hands of police officers, cities ablaze with people cooping with anger and feelings of helplessness and injustice. It’s a horrible state. I feel for my homeland and it makes me very sad. I hope these crazy years are a turning point for America. I think every day how grateful I am to live this life with my kids and Jaap. I wish the same for everyone. 

Flora’s Taste Test Kitchen


carrot muffins

This summer I read Bringing up Bébé that was given to me by a friend of mine. I loved this book. It’s a memoir of an American writer and mother of three living and raising their kids in Paris. I found a lot of similarities between French and Dutch cultures and their approaches to child rearing. The author writes a lot about food in France, food culture, and raising children that are food lovers. It’s one of the biggest focuses in the book. She writes about French friends who bake often with their kids. I love this.

I love being with Flora in the kitchen. She loves it too. She will choose cooking in the kitchen over watching Netflix. I call this a win!

We recently made carrot muffins. Super easy and delicious! She’s a good little helper in the kitchen. Grating carrots, beating the eggs, whisking the dry ingredients. The cutest part is her narrating her own cooking show. We setup my phone on a tripod and make videos. It’s hilarious.


Going through these photos I was able to see how much Flora and I look alike. My skinny little blonde girl looks very different to me at times, but looking at these photos with dark brown eyes, I see how much we have in common.

Here is a link to the recipe we used and Youtube channel for inspiration.

Carrot Muffins from The Joy of Baking

Charlie’s Crafty Kitchen

The Elsa Cake


On Friday we celebrated Flora’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe she is almost 4! To celebrate we had a small party with a few of her friends. Very small and simple….except the cake! Flora asked for an princess cake, so we started brainstorming. What could Mama actually create that wouldn’t turn out like a Cake Wreck?


Great inspiration in this book!

As part of down time/ screen time, Flora and I sometimes watch baking channels on Youtube. It’s amazing what one can learn on Youtube! Her favourites to watch are of course Elsa cakes, but many of them are quite difficult. We found a video of a Princess Aurora cake that doesn’t require fondant and it was my inspiration for this cake.

I was so happy with the results and Flora was thrilled! I was so nervous this week leading up to this process. I was referencing this children’s cake book, various Youtube channels, cooking blogs, Pinterest, etc. This may sound ridiculous, but it was starting to stress me out a bit, but in an exciting way! I told Jaap my biggest fear was disappointing Flora because she thinks I can do anything. In the end it was a huge success. She loved it, it tasted great, and I felt so proud. Unfortunately, I believe I have now set the birthday cake bar pretty high for future birthdays. 🙂 Happy (early) birthday boo boo! We love you.

Our Youtube inspiration and recipes:

Princess Aurora Layer Cake from My Cupcake Addiction

Buttercream Frosting from Gemma Stafford

Vanilla Cake Recipe from The Joy of Baking