8 months old!

IMG_4139Happy 8 month birthday Thibault! You’re a happy, healthy, and active little baby! What have you been up to lately? Well, 4 teeth now (5th one busting through!), rolling all over the place, and the thing you love most is interacting with your big sister. She enters a room and you smile. As the mother, it’s the best thing to observe.


A lot has happened this past month. Your intake of solid foods with Baby Led Weaning has really taken off. You LOVE dinner time. I’ll have to write a post about this another time. We laugh at how much you love your shoving food in your mouth and taking huge gulps from your sippy cup. It’s hilarious.

You continue to roll all around and I see that the beginning stages of crawling will be coming soon. You’ve learned to roll over at night and sleep on your tummy, which has made me nervous at first, but if it helps you sleep, we’re happy! You’ve had your first few sick days, which turned out to be contagious and infected half of the household. You’re a fun little guy who likes to be heard!

Summertime is here and after Thursday I’ll officially be on summer break! Woo hoo! We’re gearing up for a summer mostly at home. The idea scares the crap out of me, but we’re doing it! Lots of trips to local playground, like this one below, some birthday parties, a few nights with the in-laws in France, and hopefully some great last minute trips around Benelux! Happy summer!

Walks with Thibault


Thibault and I enjoyed a beautiful walk together this morning. At the end of our street is a small trail touching some farmland. I haven’t walked it in some time and thought it was time to change up the normal route with Mr. T. Here is a view from our walk.


I feel so grateful to have Mondays off now. This is the day where Thibault and I get some alone time. I can follow his schedule, enjoy long walks together, and some extra bonding time without worrying about entertaining Flora. It’s our special time together. Yet another reason why I am so grateful we live in the Netherlands and that I can have this flexible, part-time work schedule.

Enjoying my last day of maternity leave with this little man. XOXO

Our little sous chef

Flora has become quit the little helper in the kitchen lately. She’s always loved helping in the kitchen, particularly making smoothies in the morning with me for breakfast. Now that she’s three and getting older, I see that she is getting better at helping with the actual cooking aspects. As long as she has a spoon to lick or sugar to taste, she’s happy. I LOVE that she loves to cook with me because it’s something that I really enjoy doing. It’s so much fun to do it together.

Last Saturday we made some pancakes for breakfast. Delicious! I’ve tried a couple of pancake recipe, but this one was by far the best.





Snowy days


The temperature has dropped a little bit and we’ve had some picturesque snow days. Watching Flora experience snow for the first time has been exciting. Sometimes I get sad that my children will not grow up with the childhood “snow” memories that I have, but this week—it happened! Much of my childhood was spent sleigh riding, building snowmen and snow forts. One of the many joys of growing up in upstate NY. But this week, Flora got a little taste of what it’s like. She was so proud of her snowman and so excited to get out and simply walk in the snow. I was also excited to breathe in this cold, wintery air. It was wonderful!

As for Thibault, he celebrated his 10 week birthday this week. Time is flying by. I’m trying to soak up all the tiny cuddles while they last. We’re so lucky to have him a part of our family. Here is what he has been up to:

Interacting with Flora, playing on his activity mat, smiling at his mobile, and long walks with fresh air