Mindful Moment: Sisterly Love


This cuteness comes with a price…no sleep!¬†Sleep deprivation has officially set in and it has started to take a toll on the body. I have already recovered from an illness last week and I know that it was all brought on because of a lack of sleep. But, thanks to my incredible husband and loving in-laws (who came and took care of us for two days), I was able to recover and I’m feeling better now. “It takes a village to raise a child.” No kidding!

But, despite our lack of sleep and general feeling of haziness, my spirits are pretty high. I feel completely in love with our little Thibault and in a blink of an eye, he’s already one month old. How did that happen?

Some days are easier than others and I’m trying to live in the moment and not think too far down the road. Because the prospect of not going out at night, going back to work, the idea of more sleepless nights, etc. gets me down. Being present and mindful of the here and now are getting me through the day. Being conscious is key.

Due to illness, last week was rough. And then we have great days like today.¬†Flora was such an amazing big sister. She loves her brother so much and it fills my heart. Here’s a snapshot of a cute moment cuddling on the couch this morning.







Our family of four


Last week we welcomed our son Thibault Christopher Johannes Jansen into the world. It’s been a wonderful 12 days of getting to know our newborn son and transitioning into life as a family of four.

Big sister Flora couldn’t be any prouder. We are savouring every moment of family togetherness this week while Jaap is on vacation/ baby leave. We’ll see how things will go when he returns to work. I am trying to stay present and not worry too much about my days alone with two kids. But for now, I’m enjoying our tiny little love bubble and grateful for our healthy and happy children.