Easter Snapshots

We had a relaxed Easter with family and friends. Having that Monday off felt so good! We had a delicious brunch from Piece of Cake, some nice bubbly rose, and delicious chocolate baskets for the kids. We went to my friend Laura’s house for Easter dinner. It was all lovely. The kids played for hours and it was so nice not to have to cook a whole Easter dinner. We went to Oirschot on that Saturday and had a nice run at the playground and of course and egg hunt with Opa and Oma. It was a quiet and relaxed weekend. We are still waiting for spring to arrive here. It’s been cold, chilly, snowy!!!, and I’m ready for the seasons to change. We are ordering garden furniture this week. It gives me hope.

Acadia, Maine— Snapshots


Dinner at Stewman’s¬†

Just a few snapshots of our stay in Maine.


Camp life at Blackwoods



Roasting marshmallows— Flora’s greatest memory of the trip


Local playground in Bar Harbor


Two girls admiring the beauty of nature.


Jordan Pond

Snapshots: Girls Weekend in Antwerpen


Rewind to several weeks ago…girls weekend in Antwerpen! Here are just a few snapshots from my night away with the Mama friends. It was 36+ hours full of girl chat, shopping, coffee, wine & cocktails!!!, and relaxation. I’m so thankful for their friendship, my husband’s ability to watch our kids while I enjoy some “me” time, and for living so close to such beautiful places. I was so impressed by Antwerpen and we didn’t even get to see that much. It’s a very beautiful city. I’m looking forward to exploring it more with the family.




Italian Snapshots

A few snapshots from Matera, Alberobello & Ostuni…

Exploring Matera..

Flora running around the property at the trulli in Alberobello.


Flora and I taking pictures of all the different types of plants on the grounds. Tons of cactuses, huge aloe plants, and pomegranate trees.

Some of the trulli in Alberobello.


Jaap and Thibault enjoying lunch in Ostuni.


Thibault being held by one of the employees at a cafe in Ostuni. He was a little fussy and the man asked to hold him. Then took pictures and sent it to his girlfriend.