Baby Lead Weaning: Season 2 Episode 1


Thibault’s introduction to solid foods has gotten off to a great start. We wanted to wait to introduce solids until he was 6 months, but he was not having it. From about 5 months on he was getting frustrated at dinner time that he did not have any food to eat at the dinner table. It got to the point to where he was trying to grab food off our our spoon and plates, so we thought it was time to get things started. He started solids at 5 1/2 months and things have been going very well.

We wanted to try the Baby Led Weaning approach again. We did this with Flora after hearing good things from a friend of mine. I truly believe this is the healthiest way to introduce babies to solid foods. Flora is a well balanced and healthy eater. She’ll pretty much try anything, meal times are fun, we never had to spoon feed her, her diet is well-balanced, and traveling is easy. We were hoping Thibault could benefit in a similar way. So far—success! He LOVES food. Watching him eat is hilarious, especially at dinner time (his favorite meal of the day). Maybe it’s a guy things, but he just takes food and shoves it in his mouth, squishing food between his fingers by the fist full, and double fisting his food. He picks up his sippy cup and chugs it like a beer. It’s fantastic! We love this meal time entertainment.


Wheetabix breakfast

So for now, we’re happy with how he has begun the weaning process. I wish the process itself was less messy though. At the moment, he’s going through 2-3 changes of clothes per day, about 2 bibs per day, and our use of paper towels and laundry has increased ten fold! I remind myself how the beginning of BLW is slow. Lots of mess, preparing your own foods, finding good recipes, and laundry. But, the benefits will soon catch up and we’re hoping for another healthy and happy eater in this house.

8 months old!

IMG_4139Happy 8 month birthday Thibault! You’re a happy, healthy, and active little baby! What have you been up to lately? Well, 4 teeth now (5th one busting through!), rolling all over the place, and the thing you love most is interacting with your big sister. She enters a room and you smile. As the mother, it’s the best thing to observe.


A lot has happened this past month. Your intake of solid foods with Baby Led Weaning has really taken off. You LOVE dinner time. I’ll have to write a post about this another time. We laugh at how much you love your shoving food in your mouth and taking huge gulps from your sippy cup. It’s hilarious.

You continue to roll all around and I see that the beginning stages of crawling will be coming soon. You’ve learned to roll over at night and sleep on your tummy, which has made me nervous at first, but if it helps you sleep, we’re happy! You’ve had your first few sick days, which turned out to be contagious and infected half of the household. You’re a fun little guy who likes to be heard!

Summertime is here and after Thursday I’ll officially be on summer break! Woo hoo! We’re gearing up for a summer mostly at home. The idea scares the crap out of me, but we’re doing it! Lots of trips to local playground, like this one below, some birthday parties, a few nights with the in-laws in France, and hopefully some great last minute trips around Benelux! Happy summer!

7 months with T


Seven months old and getting big! Look at this cuteness. I hope this love they share for each other remains forever. Flora is completely in love with her brother and Thibault is fascinated by her. She walks in and it lights up his world. These moments are precious.



A lot has happened since my last post. Thibault is now 7.5 months old. He’s rolling around so much that we have to keep an eye on him. No more chilling on the bed because he must might roll off one day! Solids seem to be getting better. Here you see him enjoying some Wheetabix and kiwis.


We have had a lot of firsts—swimming, lots of new foods, new babbling sounds, and a new clothing size! But with the good, there are always rough patches. This weekend was his first sick day, more like TWO sicks days. So, we’re basically exhausted right now.IMG_3983

Thank God Grandma is still in town! We’re starting to slow down and get ready for her departure in 10 days. I will be sad to see my Mom leave. I love having family this close. It feels like it should be this way always. But, I am extremely grateful for the all the quality time we got to spend with her this spring. It has been a wonderful visit. XOXO

Our Delft with Kids Trip


We’re so blessed to have my mom staying with us for 2.5 months. She retired last month and is here enjoying an extended vacation with us in the Netherlands. We went off exploring Delft and Den Haag last weekend. Despite the winter temps we’ve been having, we had a great time. So proud of my kiddos for being happy little travellers. Here’s more about our quick trip to Holland and my Delft with Kids tips.



Tip #1 Visit Delft!

I love this city. It’s romantic, atmospheric, and small enough to walk to see the whole thing in a day. It’s truly a beautiful place. It was a good home base for us. Small, completely walkable, and manageable with two small children. Our Airbnb apartment was two minutes from the Markt. Delft is centrally located with Den Haag, Leiden, and Amsterdam close by.


Tip #2 Eat a stroopwafel the size of your head

We asked the TI booth about finding the fresh stroopwafel stand and she told us exactly where to go. Off of Brabantse Turkmarkt and Burgwal is a stroopwafel stand where you can get the most delicious stroopwafel you have ever tasted. It’s not open everyday, perhaps just on Saturdays. Lekker!


Tip #3 Take a Boat Cruise

My mom and I enjoyed a learning a little bit more about Delft history on the tour. I think Flora thought the ride was going to be a little more exciting than it was, but it was still worth the trip for us! Rondvaart Delft

Tip #4 Enjoy an early and casual dinner at Burgerz

We had a delicious dinner here at 17:00 on a Sunday evening in an empty restaurant. Perfect when traveling with baby and toddler! The food was delicious. Lots of veggie burgers and a kids menu to choose from, plus a salad for Grandma. I think my mother told the waitress the salad was delicious at least 5 times.


Tip #5 Stroll along the canals and enjoy a coffee outside at Stads-Koffyhuys

While the kiddos napped, my mom and I sat outside near the the canal and enjoyed a yummy latte. This lunch spot also has a boat on the canal with seating as well. We sipped our coffee in the sunshine while admiring the leaning Oude Kerk.




Tip #6 Visit the Kinderboekenmuseum in Den Haag

I would recommend this museum for small children. We took the train from Delft to Den Haag CS, which was a fun activity for Flora in itself. It’s only a 20 minute ride, which is another toddler plus! The Kinderboekenmuseum is a small children’s museum very close to Den Haag Central train station. Each room depicts famous Dutch children storybooks. I thought it was visually interesting. Lots of play on space, size, and perception. Very cool. Flora enjoyed hopping through the Hungry Caterpillar’s food and running around Kikker’s little world. It was fun to see these stories come alive. Thibault also had fun rolling around on the floor while my mom and Flora explored the rest.


Tip #7 Take advantage of the Museumkaart

We truly lucked out on this one. I read the Maritshuis was closed on Mondays, but as we were walking by we saw that it was open most likely because of school vacations. It was already 16:00, but my mother and I jumped at the opportunity. Both kids had fallen asleep and the employee outside said everything was accessible by elevator. I was so happy that mom got to see Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring. It was kind of a drive-by visit because Thibault woke up and was making a little bit of a fuss, but this is what’s great about the Museumkaart. You can just hop in someplace for an hour and not feel like you are wasting your ticket money!

Well there it is. Our 3 night stay in Delft complete with my kiddo recommendations. Glad to be home now. Whew!


5 Months and Growing!


I cannot believe how much has happened to Thibault in the last couple of weeks. Five months has seen lots of changes for him. He’s actually ten days shy of turning six months! I can’t believe that we have almost reached the half year mark. IMG_3109 Let’s review all the things that have happened. My parents came for their first visit and Thibault got to meet the other set of grandparents. My mother is here for the next two months. I’m so happy and grateful we have all of this family time together. My sister and kids came for a visit last week and he got to meet the other cousins. It was most exciting for Flora though.

Two teeth have busted through! I am impressed how well he has handled this!


Thibault started trying solid foods for the first time. I really wanted to wait until he was six months, like we did with Flora. I assumed it would be easy because even at six months Flora had no interest in solid foods and didn’t actually start until seven months. And we really wanted to repeat the Baby Led Weaning process because it was so successful with Flora. She is such a good, well-balanced eater and I wanted to take this approach again. Well, Mr. T has been trying to grab the food off our our plates for a few weeks now and he was becoming more and more agitated at dinner when we weren’t giving him real food. So, we thought we could start the process a tiny bit early. It’s starting slow and some nights, we don’t even do it, but overall he seems to be enjoying his first taste of vegetables.


And to top off the big month of milestones, he started rolling over this week. While laying on his activity mat this afternoon, he rolled over onto his tummy. Every time we put him down, he rolled himself back up. It’s been an exciting month of our little man.


Walks with Thibault


Thibault and I enjoyed a beautiful walk together this morning. At the end of our street is a small trail touching some farmland. I haven’t walked it in some time and thought it was time to change up the normal route with Mr. T. Here is a view from our walk.


I feel so grateful to have Mondays off now. This is the day where Thibault and I get some alone time. I can follow his schedule, enjoy long walks together, and some extra bonding time without worrying about entertaining Flora. It’s our special time together. Yet another reason why I am so grateful we live in the Netherlands and that I can have this flexible, part-time work schedule.

Enjoying my last day of maternity leave with this little man. XOXO

Our little sous chef

Flora has become quit the little helper in the kitchen lately. She’s always loved helping in the kitchen, particularly making smoothies in the morning with me for breakfast. Now that she’s three and getting older, I see that she is getting better at helping with the actual cooking aspects. As long as she has a spoon to lick or sugar to taste, she’s happy. I LOVE that she loves to cook with me because it’s something that I really enjoy doing. It’s so much fun to do it together.

Last Saturday we made some pancakes for breakfast. Delicious! I’ve tried a couple of pancake recipe, but this one was by far the best.